How to Change Site Title on WordPress (and Tagline)

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In this WordPress tutorial, I will show you how to change site title on WordPress, and the tagline. But first …

You should think carefully because the title and tagline of your site are very important:

  • They tell readers what your site is about
  • When optimized properly, they play a role in SEO
  • They help communicate the overall branding of your site

The title and tagline are usually the first thing people see when they visit your site and research shows that you have less than 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention.

If they don’t feel your site can help them before the 15 seconds are up, they will close your site down and go look somewhere else. That’s why …

You want to make sure that your WordPress site title and tagline are optimized properly for both readers and Google. This article shares tips to help you with that.

Ready to change your site title? Watch the video below where I show you the two easiest ways to do this. Or if you prefer written instructions, keep reading.

3 Ways to Change the Site Title and Tagline in WordPress

There are a few different ways you can do this.

The options are:

  • The WordPress general settings
  • The theme customizer
  • The WordPress database (phpMyAdmin)

It’s very unlikely that you’ll need to change the site title and tagline via the database, but I’ll include it anyway for the sake of giving you complete information.

Method 1: WordPress General Settings

From the WordPress admin dashboard, go to Settings >> General

Image of WordPress settings to change site title

On the next page:

  • Enter your new site title
  • Enter your new tagline
WordPress general settings. Add new site title and tagline

Upon completion, scroll to the bottom of the page and save your changes.

Note: if you cannot see the changes when you preview your site, and you have a caching plugin like WP Rocket installed, it’s likely that you need to clear the WordPress cache.

Method 2: The Theme Customizer

This time, from the WordPress admin dashboard, go to Appearance >> Customize

Screenshot of theme editor settings in WordPress

Look for a tab called site identity and click on it.

Screenshot: changing site title with the theme customizer

On the next page look for a section called site info or something similar (it will differ between themes).

  • Update the site title
  • Add your new tagline

Now save your changes and clear the WordPress cache if needed.

Method 3: The WordPress Database (phpMyAdmin)

To change the WordPress site title and tagline using phpMyAdmin, you’ll need to login to your web hosting account cPanel area.

If you’ve never used cPanel before and you don’t know how or where to access it, please contact your web host for guidance.

Once you’ve logged in to cPanel, on the dashboard, type php into the search form. Like this

Providing you have access to phpMyAdmin via cPanel, you’ll see the link and icon for it in the Databases section as per the image above. Click on it.

Screenshot of phpMyAdmin

On the next page, in the left sidebar, select the database for the WordPress website you are updating. If you’re unsure, you can find it in the ‘wp-config’ file.

Screenshot of wp-config-php file

Once you’ve selected the correct database name, again in the left sidebar, look for a table called ‘options’. In the image below, I have highlighted it with four red dots.

Notice how the table name has wpwx_ before the word options. That’s because the table prefix for that database is wpwx.

Yours will be something different. Whatever yours is, it will be followed by options. Go ahead and select it.

Once selected, on the right side, under the option_name column, you will see two rows – blog name and blog description.

Screenshot of database rows

Now, where it says blogname click the pencil icon to open the settings.

Edit the site title and then click the go button in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

Screenshot: how to edit site title in WordPress with phpMyAdmin

Now repeat the process for the ‘blogdescription‘ row to change the WordPress tagline.

Then go back to your website and you should see the changes. If not, try clearing the WordPress cache. And your browser cache, too.


I hope this article has helped you learn how to change site title on WordPress. And the tagline too.

I have shared with you three different methods to achieve this:

  • The WordPress general settings
  • The theme customizer
  • The WordPress database

In most cases, methods #1 and #2 are all you need to easily change the WordPress site title and tagline! It’s very unlikely you’ll ever need to use the database.

If you have any questions, or you know of another way to change the site title and tagline, leave a comment below. I’d love to chat with you.