A WordPress tech expert on your team From Only $49 A Month

only 5 open places

Note: since I do not outsource work to contractors, I only have space to work with a limited number of clients each month.

Your WordPress blog is crucial to your success. It is the engine that powers your entire blog-based online business. Without it, you have no platform to generate traffic, build an email list, and sell your products and services.

All successful blogs need continual attention and support to prevent site hacking and software conflicts that break important website functionality. And there will always be something new to add and edit on your website.

But your time is limited!

And should be spent on activities that grow your business such as creating quality content and marketing - not dealing with the technicalities of WordPress.

On my WordPress support plans, I take care of all your website needs. Every month I am there come rain or shine to:

  • Update and backup your website
  • Monitor security and uptime
  • Troubleshoot and fix unforseen errors
  • Improve performance issues
  • Answer your blog tech questions
  • Respond to your requests for edits

Think of me as your personal WordPress concierge. An expert you can call upon when needed. I give you peace of mind and more time to focus on what you do best to grow your business without being held back by technical constraints.

Don't have a WordPress blog yet? See my blog setup service.


Claire Giovino

"Kerry has been a godsend. She's saved me countless hours of time and spared me many technical headaches"

"It's such a relief to not worry about the technical side of my blog business. I couldn't learn all that stuff if I tried."

Wendy Bryan Profile Picture

Wendy Bryan

Access to Additional Services

Your plan gives you access to additional services that are only available to clients on a business support plan

WordPress Coaching

When you want to know how to do something specific on your WordPress website, don't waste time searching Google, let me know and I'll create a step by step video tutorial for you

Technical SEO

It doesn't matter how good your content is, if search engines cannot easily crawl, navigate, and understand your website, you will struggle to reach the first page of Google.

Funnel Building

From simple product delivery funnels to complex sales funnels with one click upsells and more, I help you leverage time and create passive income in your business.

Protect Your Blog Business Against Hackers and Unfixable Disasters

After starting a blog most people don’t update WordPress, plugins, and their theme, because they are scared. Updates can go wrong and break your website.

But updates are important for security and website functionality! They help keep hackers out of your site and fix performance issues that can also break your blog.

And if you're not backing up your website (ideally daily AND before updates) you have no way of fixing it after an update, a hacker, or even human error breaks it. You'll lose everything and have to start all over again from scratch.

To make sure that doesn't happen to you, my WordPress support plans include:

Daily Offsite Backups

I backup your website every day and before making updates. I keep a 90 day backup archive stored on Amazon s3 servers that can be easily restored with just 1 click.

Manual Software Updates

I carefully test and review WordPress, plugin, and theme updates on a staging area first to make sure they are safe before manually updating your website.

Security Monitoring

I monitor your blog 24/7 for malicious malware infections and known security vulnerabilities. If malware is found, I remove it. If a vulnerability is detected, I fix it.

Uptime Monitoring

If your blog goes offline I will be notified about it immediately. I will investigate the cause and where there is reason for concern, I will start working to get it back online.

Monthly Reports

You'll always know what's going on with your website! Each month I send you a detailed PDF report listing all the recent action steps I have taken to keep it secure and healthy,

Unlimited Tech Support

In times of crisis when unforeseen issues negatively affect the performance of your WordPress website, I will quickly fix it at no additional cost. I am here to support you.

currently, there are 5 open places


Bel O. Andrew

"Kerry manages three websites for me so I can just focus on creating content, and I don’t have to worry about getting hacked or any of my sites going down. If something goes wrong, she fixes it. Her service is top-notch, very responsive, and great value."

On Demand Website Edits

My support plans also include website edits. Website edits are any small task that can be completed in 30 minutes or less

Examples of a Small Website Edit

CSS Adjustments

Create a Child Theme

Add Google Analytics

Setup 301 Redirects

Recommend, Install, and Configure Plugins

Add and Format Your Blog Posts and Pages

Create, Edit, and Style Navigation Menus

Add a New WooCommerce Product

only 5 open places available

How Does It Work?

Note: I do not outsource any work to contractors or hire a team, so I only have room for a limited number of clients. Only 5 open places remaining.







Choose a Support Plan that best suits you and click the get started today button. First, I'll ask you a few simple questions so I can learn more about what you do, answer any questions you may have and see if my services are a good fit for you.



I will respond via email within 1 to 2  business days and should we choose to work together I will provide you with an online payment link to get started and collect any account information that I need from you to support your blog business website.


I get to work maintaining your website, keeping it secure, performing well and meeting your needs. When you have a website edit just email me. I'll let you know that I have received your support request and update you upon completion.

Why Work With Me?

There are plenty of WordPress support companies out there, so you may be asking why you should work with me.

only 5 open places

I believe in fair pricing

As a small business owner myself, I understand that the average hourly rate for WordPress support is just too much for most people. That's why I support you at a price that is fair for both you and me.

I know blogging

I know WordPress but I'm also a blogger. I have invested thousands of dollars to learn from the best blogging coaches, so I understand exactly what you are aiming to achieve with your blog business.

I handle more than WordPress

While I am a WordPress expert, I also have 10 years experience with many thrid party services needed to grow a successful blog including email marketing tools, google analytics, web hosting, and more.

You're not just an unknown customer

Unlike many WordPress support companies, I do not hire cheap overseas contractors who are great developers but have no clue about your business and unique website needs (or about blogging).